First off, I'm human.

I'm also a Law Graduate, currently studying to get my practicing license. Meanwhile, I've been freelancing for a while now, and honestly, I enjoy writing more - don't tell my mum.

I have 6 years of Writing and Editing experience. And I volunteer as a Content Creator/Editor for Mentally Aware Nigeria Initiative; an NGO dedicated to increasing awareness on mental health issues. I have mostly written outsourced works on every topic and can write quality articles for any audience — including B2B.

My motto is: Keep it fun, Keep it simple. Everyone eats pizza. 

It's a weird motto. I know.

PS: I write prose too - I love flash fiction especially - and have been known to dabble in a little poetry and some graphics designing.

Ghostwritten Articles

I have mostly done outsourced, ghostwritten work.

These are some of the projects that have been outsourced to me over the years by other writers. They are all ghostwritten, I don't own them. I just write 'em.

PS: I know it's hard to trust what you see on the internet. So, just so you know, I can write a sample😉.